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Water Bath Systems

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System Overview

Digitally Controlled With Internal Thermometer

Anova waters bath systems are designed for sample warming, digestion, material prep, and a wide range of laboratory applications from ambient+15°C to 99°C. Front-mounted controls simplify operation and over-temperature safety circuitry prevents thermal run away.

  • Rounded stainless-steel tank and diffuser tray for easy maintenance
  • Utilizes cartridge heating elements that will not burn out if the bath accidentally runs dry
  • Drain pump included with 14 & 22L modelsDigital water bath controller and temperature display
  • User-friendly calibration control
  • Fuzzy Logic controller provides ±0.15°C stability
  • Digital temperature read and set with 0.1° resolution
What's in the Box
  • Water bath unit
  • Flat lid (stainless for 6-14 liter units, plastic for 22 liter system)
  • Diffuser spacer tray
  • Siphon drain pump (14 & 22 liters system only)

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